The Green Consideration - Energy Efficient Windows

“Saving the Planet, Saving you Money!”

Saving you Money as well as CO²

The cost of the Bygone window calculated in the same way would equate to 7.83 per window or 54.81 per house.

A heating saving of 156.44 per year.

The Energy rating Way

As illustrated on the energy rating label, the Bygone window only uses 20KW per year, or 2.00 per year.

Therefore the average house heating loss is 17.50 per year, after the boiler efficiency adjustment has been made. A massive cost saving of 193.75 per year.

Saving the environment

More importantly than purely the cost saving for the homeowner, is the long term improvements for the planet.

It is known that for every GJ of heat created from coal, 120 KG of CO² are created, 75kg for Oil and 50kg for gas.

For a point of calculation lets use the oil figures as the average.

Saving Energy - Saving the Planet

Therefore assuming the size of the box sash market, means that 638.6 thousand tonnes of CO² are created each year heating the outside world through the windows heat loss.

If all 44 million windows were replaced for ones as efficient as the Bygone window then this could be reduced to 14.6 thousand tonnes.

A 624 thousand tonnes of CO² improvement every year.

Saving Energy - Saving the Planet

624 thousand tonnes of CO² is a substantial amount of gas, an astronomical 325 Million litres or the equivalent of:

15.4 millennium domes!

Millenium Dome

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