The Green Consideration - Energy Efficient Windows

“So What Can Be Done?”

It is impractical to consider the possibility of everyone giving up the use of the earth’s resources. However provisions can be made to ensure we minimise the impact by making a conscious effort on developing more sustainable energy means, such as harnessing the free energy from the wind and the sun, and reducing emissions through product improvements.

Wind Power Station

UK government has acknowledged the threat to civilisation on a global scale by the changing climate conditions, and as such did not hesitate to sign the Kyoto protocol. It has agreed to put plans into place to reverse the damage that has already been done over the last 100 year industrial revolution, and population explosion, and in doing so committed to reducing the levels of Carbon Dioxide back down to a level 12.5% below the 1990 figures by 2012.

As a means to achieving the goal of meeting its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, UK government has put controls in place to control the energy loss of domestic buildings through building regulation. By ensuring that all new houses are built to a higher thermal performance levels, and that when any works are carried out on older housing stock, these works incorporate the current legislation.

On top of this the power suppliers have committed to government to reduce the consumption of fuel and power, called their ‘Energy Commitment’.

When considering home improvements it is worth looking around to see what grants or incentives are being offered by the energy providers.

The energy saving endorsement scheme was developed by the Energy Saving Trust to distinguish the most energy efficient appliances on the market.

Only products that meet the strict requirements will be endorsed and allowed to use the recommended logo. The certification scheme is managed by the Energy Saving Trust and backed by the Government.

The scheme has criteria set for many different products including white goods; gas, LPG and oil boilers; central heating controls, cavity, loft and external wall insulation; lighting (CFLs and fittings) and one of the newest additions to the scheme - windows.

Energy Saving Recommended Logo from the Energy Savings Trust

This energy savings recommended logo signifies that a product confirms to the criteria set out by the EST in accordance with their energy saving endorsement scheme.

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